The All-In-One Platform for Amazon Review Management

Are negative reviews dragging down your Amazon product ratings and sales?ReviewScope is a powerful new platform giving sellers total control over their review strategy.

    With ReviewScope, you can:Monitor Reviews in Real-Time - Get instant alerts when new reviews come in. Our dashboard displays live review data and ratings so you can respond quickly.Analyze Review Insights - We dig deep into your reviews using AI to extract key topics, identify issues, and find opportunities for improvement.Store Reviews in Your Vault - Every review is saved so you have a record if it gets taken down. We even screenshot each one as backup evidence.Get Notified of Changes - Configure alerts so you never miss important rating shifts or review spikes. We’ll let you know right away.Request Reviews from Customers - Automatically reach out to satisfied buyers and prompt them to leave positive feedback.Remove Damaging Reviews - Our specialized team works tirelessly to identify and take down reviews violating Amazon's guidelines so you can maintain a fair and accurate product rating.Save Money and Frustration - Don't waste hours manually tracking reviews or analyzing data. Our platform does the hard work for you so you can focus on sales and customer satisfaction.Join the future of Amazon reputation management. With ReviewScope, you’re in control. We’re proudly obsessed with making sure the reviews and ratings for your brand accurately reflect your products and service.The platform is easy to use, effective, and designed to help your business thrive on Amazon.